The oldest restaurant in Tampere

The master of local flavours since 1866

The oldest restaurant in Tampere

Master Baker and Confectioner Carl Gustaf Malakias Tallqvist opened an outdoor restaurant in Viikinsaari island on 1866. Later, in 1881 he acquired the entire island and the neighbouring island Lehtisaari from Carl Gustaf Brakel, the owner of Viikki mansion. Back then these two islands went by name Kaidesaaret. The first summer restaurant was built in 1886 where the current decorative villa stands these days.


The original restaurant building was destroyed in a fire in 1895. This was also the faith for the following building in 1900. However, on the same year, a villa with elaborate decorations was designed by the city architect Lambert Petterson. Even the construction was completed that year. Today, this is the one and only summer restaurant in Tampere, still almost in its original appearance.

Catering and event organization for every occasion

We offer lake and archipelago inspired, straightforward Finnish food with a modern twist without forgetting our long history. We value Finnish ingredients, local producers and the island's very own herb garden.

We have a first class à la carte menu and a stylish and filling weekend brunch. For more laid-back moments, we have a special terrace menu.


We serve Viikinsaari Summer Theatre goers during the intermission, as well as before and after the play. For groups enjoying the theatre performance and for private events special menus are available upon request. In Restaurant Viikinsaari you organize any occasion, private events, summer parties and weddings effortlessly.

Who are we?

You will find our restaurant operations manager chef Anette Mellin in Laukontori office, in the kitchen, outdoors collecting the herbs, maybe taking care of the garden or possibly chatting with the customers.


Anette is in charge of the kitchen operations and develops our food services with the chef Olli Piirainen. .

Alongside with Anette and Olli, 20 cheerful restaurant professional are at your service.

Welcome to Restaurant Viikinsaari!

Restaurant opening hours

Opening hours for 2021 will be published by the end of the year 2020.

Changes possible, e.g. during special events

Boat services

Timetable for 2021 will be published by the end of the year 2020

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