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À la carte 2023

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Grand Skagen à la Viikinsaari (G, L)

16 € 

Shrimp skagen with smoked roe, horseradish, pickled red onion, fresh dill and smoked smetana 


“Burnt Beets” à la Viikinsaari (G, VEG)

15 € 

Burnt beetroot heart with herb oil, pickled rhubarb, and herb hollandaise 


Island’s Asparagus (G, L, available VEG)

16 € 

Roasted asparagus and rose hollandaise with pickled roe, rhubarb and apple 


Island’s Gazpacho (G, L, available VEG)

15 € 

Velvety cucumber gazpacho with basil flavoured watermelon, Buffalo mozzarella seasoned with chervil salt and meadowsweet oil 


Tartar (G, L)

16 € 

Beef tartar with Worchester mayonnaise, Grúyere, pickled onions, and tarragon flavoured crispy rice cakes 


White fish à la Viikinsaari

16 €

Rhubarb-sugar salted and broiled white fish with grilled blood orange and jalapeno beurre noisette 


Main courses


Ox Entrecôte 250 g (L, G)

43 € 

Grilled ox entrecôte with asparagus, chimichurri, and grilled lime 


Ox Sirloin á la Bordelaise 200 g (G, L)

38 € 

Grilled ox sirloin with caramelised onion, seasoned butter from island’s herbs, sauce bordelaise and grilled lime 


Catch of the Day (G, L)

36 € 

Fish of the day with yuzu kosho, charcoal flavoured butter, potato purée, pickled fennel and fresh herbs 


Salmon Soup (G, L)

27 € 

Tasty leek and fennel broth with roasted salmon, new potatoes, vegetables, and fresh dill. Served with island’s malt bread 


Island’s Smoked Vegetables (G, VEG)

34 € 

Smoked seasonal vegetables with pea hummus, saffron mayonnaise, fresh herbs, crispy kale and chimichurri 


Viikinsaari Salad (L, G, available VEG)

26 € 

Romaine salad with radish, asparagus, walnuts, pickled veggies of the season, blood orange, island’s ranch sauce, goat cheese buttercream and fresh herbs



Island’s French Toast (L)

13 € 

Served with vanilla cream, vanilla ice cream, marinated berries and lemon meringue 


Pot de Crème (G, L)

13 € 

Chocolate pudding, marinated season’s citruses and Maldon salt 


Ice Cream (G, L)

6 €


Raspberry sorbet 

Ice cream of the day 


Romaine, walnuts and island’s ranch (G, L) 8 € 
Potato purée with beurre noisette and dill (G, L) 8 € 
New potatoes, dill and beurre noisette (G, L) 8 € 
Asparagus and chimichurri (G, L) 8 € 
Island’s bread and butter (L, available G) 6 € 

Child under 12 years old dine -50%.

Changes are possible depending on the availability of ingredients and the season.

Please inform our staff if you have any special dietary requirements or allergies.

(L = lactose free, G = gluten free, VEG = vegan)

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