brunch 2022

On Saturdays and Sundays

at 11.30 - 16.30


Lettuce, dried cranberries,
arugula and lemon vinaigrette (M, G)


Caesar salad and croutons (L) 

Roasted fennel, paprika and cremolata (M, G, VEG)  

Carrot-coleslaw with poppy seeds (M, G)  

Zucchini-cabbage-chicken salad seasoned with lemon, herbs and capers (M, G)

Smoked salmon and Rhode Island sauce (L, G)  

Glass master herring and dill cream cheese (L, G)  

Viikinsaari saffron herring (L, G)  


Spinach-mozzarella omelette (L, G)  

Meatballs and mayonnaise (L, G)  

Long-stewed pork and dark rosemary sauce (M, G)  

Warm lentil-bean-kale salad and cottage cheese
(Vegan Vegan Feta Cheese) (L, G)

Cheese selection and fig jam (G)


Viikinsaari pancake (L)  

Organic yoghurt and granola (L)  

Jams and berries (M, G)  

"Candy Day" - sweet treats and popcorns

Organic coffee and tea  

Viikinsaari lemonade  


* changes subject to season and availability  

32 € / adult, 16 € / child 3-12 years

Normal à la carte dishes for children aged 2-12 years for half the price indicated.​

Please inform our restaurant of allergies and special diets beforehand.


Changes in the menu are possible depending on the season and on ingredient availability .