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brunch 2024

On Saturdays and Sundays

at 11.30 - 16.00 starting from June 9th.

The brunch at Viikinsaari is served on Saturdays and Sundays from 11.30 to 16.00.
Price: adult € 39, child (3–12 years) € 15.

Smoked fish and pickled fennel (G, M) 

Gravlax with horseradish buttercream (G, L) 

Cucumber Gazpacho (G, VEG) 

Pickled vegetables of the season (G, VEG) 

Fresh summer salad with island’s vinaigrette (G, VEG) 

Roasted vegetables of the season with saffron mayonnaise (G, VEG) 

Potato salad with fresh herbs and chimichurri (G, VEG) 

Watermelon, feta cheese and strawberries (L, G) 

Tomato salad of the season with mozzarella (G, L, available VEG) 


Fresh bread with whipped butter and pea hummus (L, available G and VEG) 

Chef’s cold cut selection (G, available VEG) 


New potatoes and dill butter (G, L, available VEG) 

Meatballs and aioli (G, L) 

Falafels and tsatziki (G, VEG) 


Overnight oats and berries (G, L, available VEG) 

Yogurt and island’s granola (L, available VEG) 

Pancakes (L) 

Berries (G, VEG) 

Vanilla sauce (G, L) 

Candy feast (G, L, available VEG) 

Fresh fruits (G, VEG) 



Fresh juice 

G – Gluten-free, L – Lactose-free, VEG – Vegan

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